Eaten For Restaurants

What is Eaten?


We believe that the 5 star rating systems used by the majority of review sites are broken and unreliable. Eaten is a revolutionary new platform that solves this problem.


We’re changing how people find restaurants


Eaten is the first platform that realises that when people crave a cuisine, they are actually thinking about specific dishes. Because Eaten reviews are dish based, we enable people to search for the best place to eat the exact dish they want.


Eaten is about what matters most – how dishes taste


We believe that food reviews should be about the food – not how pretty it looks,  whether one of your waiters took a few minutes too long to bring the bill, or that someone might have felt a bit cold in your restaurant one evening. 


How can you tell the world that you make great _____?


You know which dishes your restaurant does best – but in today’s day and age, what is the most effective way to let the rest of the world know this?  


Eaten is for people who eat – in other words, everyone!


With Eaten, you can connect to diners from all around the world – 93 countries and counting – but you also have the power to choose – for instance, the people closest to you, who are interested specifically in the dishes you serve.  Eaten connects you in the smartest, most engaged way.


Find out what your customers really think


Only with Eaten can you truly learn which of your dishes are amazing, and which could maybe use a little improvement.  Eaten’s novel feedback system is the first of its kind, and is the best way for you to gather insightful, honest information from your customers.



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