About Us Eaten
About Us

Hello, we are Eaten

Eaten is on a mission to change the face of food discovery by creating the world’s first dish review app. Imagine always knowing exactly what to order, and being able to find your favourite dishes wherever you are in the world. 


For the love of food

To us, food is more than just fuel. It’s our passion, and we want to make discovering the very best as effortless and enjoyable as it should be.


The power of the dish 

We believe that choosing a restaurant by searching current review platforms is the same as judging a book by its cover.

Reviews tend to be influenced by the decor, the wait time, or even the serving staff, not the actual food itself. Eaten is the first review guide to be 100% dish based, which ensures the reviews are all about the food. 


Never eat bad food again

This means no more food envy, relentless subjection to tourists traps or chronic order anxiety. We are no longer content to walk into a restaurant blindly and hope we like what we order. Eaten empowers you with the truth about each and every dish on the menu, so you can get what you really want, every time. 


Rating, ranking, reviewing.

Eaten is the world's largest dish review platform, with over a hundred thousand reviews across 116 countries. We set out to create a new generation of review system; one that is reliable, trustworthy and benefits both the restaurant and the customer in equal measures. 


The beginnings…

The idea for Eaten come to our founder Tim during an afternoon spent fruitlessly wandering the streets of Lille in search of the best raspberry sorbet in the city. 



Having read through countless rating apps, blogs and review sites, he still didn’t have a reliable answer as to where he should go. If only there was a way to search via the type of food and be able to see the best places to find it anywhere in the world. 


Creating a whole app just to find ice cream???

It’s a little extreme. But when you’re hungry, nothing is impossible. Tim began building the app the very next day.